Here's a sneak peak at the 2018 lineup.  The festival keeps getting bigger and this year, we're hosting four screenings at FiveMyles Gallery.  Scroll down to choose your night or a matinee.  Come to all four if you like. 


The festival is free and there'll be a different program at each event .  There's something for everyone:  horror, comedy, drama, documentary, animation...    We look forward to seeing you.   


Thursday October 18th 7:00 PM

Tin Can
J.C. came to America as an illegal immigrant when he was a child. Now, as an adult, he could get kicked out of the only country he knows. A film by Pat Battistini
The Uninvited Guest
A fight erupts between two men when an unexpected caller arrives.

A film by Yong Uk Yoo
Free Pot
Inspired by comedies from the silent film era, Free Pot follows a young dealer trying to give away free pot. The catch? You have to dance for it.

A film by Kinder Labatt
Blood Sisters
A pair of best friends' last day together turns dark when a childhood game summons a demon.

A film by Gabriel Grant
After The Conversation They Say ...
After The Conversation, They Say Goodbye

At the same time that Elisa says goodbye to Heliomar, she meets the young Michel.
A film by
Renan Brandao
Progressive Therapy
This comedic political short is borne out of frustration with progressives attacking and blaming each other after Trump's election.
A film by James Bruffee
Beyond Our Mountains
How do you heal? In a Kosovo city cracked along the river, a young Serbian-Albanian couple must decide their future when she is accepted to study where he cannot follow. A film by Madeline Johnson
Nana's Room
When Mia loses her Nana (grandmother) after a lengthy illness, she realizes that her loss runs deep. In the wake of Nana’s darkness, Mia fights to find a light to shine on her purpose in life. A film by Mitch Roberson
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Friday October 19th 7:00 PM

Never Forget
A man dealing with post traumatic memory loss is visited by a young woman looking to check up on him. Without being able to trust his memories, does he truly know who he's dealing with or is he actually hiding something himself?

A film by Mark Agar
ABEO is a hard-hitting, mixed media, animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search of a better life.
A film by Brenda Lopez
Heather Has Four Moms
When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom’s wife must convince Mom, and Mom’s ex, and Mom’s ex’s partner that it’s time for Heather to have “the talk”. A film by Rani Crowe
I Waited For You
A girl goes out for the night with a friend, soon realizing her cell phone has been stolen by an extremely creepy man.

A film by Manny Serrano
Lunch Time
A teenage girl struggles to identify her deceased mother while officials try to stop her.

A film by Pouria Mousavi
It's Called Gentrification
Mixed-media animation about gentrification based on a scene from the film Boyz n the Hood

A film by Travis Wood
Welcome to the World
A daring film starring Albert M. Chan (Gotham, 30 Rock, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) as a troubled man who records a video message for his pregnant sister. A film by Albert M. Chan
After a fight with her long-term boyfriend on the road back to Manhattan, a tough Israeli woman tries to find her own independence while trying to deal with the thought of leaving her old life behind.

A film by Keren Nechmad
Fight Night
Out of necessity, violence comes naturally to these brothers, and one must step up when he's needed the most.

A film by Giorgio Miraflor
Are You Volleyball?
A spontaneous volleyball game ensues after a confrontation between refugees and the soldiers guarding them.

A film by Salar Sadoughi
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Saturday October 20th 7:00 PM

Selective Memory
After recently experiencing a traumatic loss, a young woman discovers a new pill that would allow her to erase her worst memories.

A film by Caleb Murphy
Jabari Keating
Jabari Keating is a candid, first person narrative film that explores the character's personal reflections, life experiences, trials and tribulations as an African American in present-day America. A film by Stacey Larkins
Art student, Christine, discovers that her father hasn’t been paying the taxes on their home and that it’s about to go into foreclosure. Desperate for money, she enters into a dubious partnership with a fellow artist who’s desperate for her love. A film by Cynthia Chatman
9 Steps
A father patronizes his little boy who's afraid of a ghost. A film by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera.
Winner Melies D'Argent -Best European Fantastic Film.

A film by Marisa Crespo
A Journey in America
A story of how a young girl comes to America undocumented. She grows up realizing she is not considered an American citizen and doesn't know whether or not she'll still be in this country after she turns 18.

A film by Maribel Garcia
Es Confuso
Voices of Cuban writers reflect on identity, history, and a changing world, set to video imagery of Habana, recorded in January 2017.

A film by Matthew Bernard
The Mall
Something happened at the mall, but what?

A film by Kat Mustatea
The Last Embrace
A neglected little girl finds comfort in the arms of her grandfather.

A film by Saman Hosseinpour
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Sunday October 21st 1:00 PM

Voice Of The Monolith
A musical short film about gentrification in rapidly changing Crown Heights, told through the voices of a Black punk rocker new to the neighborhood, and a Brooklyn-raised rapper with a chip on his shoulder. A film by Bryan Edwards
Last Christmas
It's Christmas Eve in Berlin, but it's just another bad day for taxi-driver Heinz. Everything is going wrong until a beautiful woman with a secret gets into his cab.
A film by Uta Seibicke
Temptation of St. Francis
Two ill-matched garden statues fall in love in this animated exploration of the battle between spiritual enlightenment and physical desires. A film by Johnnie Semerad
Back Home
This autobiography documents the filmmaker’s heart-rending personal journey to reconcile with her estranged mother who is about to undergo hip surgery in Tokyo.

A film by Haruka Motohashi
The Secret Lives of Teachers
A romantic story about two eccentric teachers who find love through a shared passion for a very unique hobby.

A film by Judith Eisenberg
Our Way to Fall
A young girl on the playground is unsatisfied with her life until she encounters a girl who changes her perspective.

A film by Zoey Peck
A Call To Action
A teenage activist shows the misunderstanding and meaning behind the Black Lives Matter movement through her student organization.

A film by Deborah Miller
Lázaro, a 10 year - old boy, escapes from his home and meets
Gonzalo. As a result of their encounter, they both discover and recognize themselves in each other.

A film by Frederico Schmukler
"One man's shoe is another man's dream." The story of Frank Pagnotta, an Italian-American immigrant whose great passion is making and fixing shoes. He's been doing it for over 70 years.

A film by Rhett Bradbury
A son attempts to reunite with his estranged father.

A film by Tom Bragg
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